How Does It Work?

How does the System Work? The A, B, C’s

The ASA BALANCE™ System provides a three tier approach for addressing your specific allergies and conditions. Each treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes and is completely painless.

  1. Step One: Identifying the Imbalances. (Assess)
    • Using a state-of- the-art computer system that assesses skin conductivity through a biofeedback device, we determine your exact imbalances
    • A complete list of scanned imbalances that caused the body to react is developed in each session.
  2. Step Two. The body is then re-assessed to see which remedies will most effectively balance the stresses found in your body. (Balance)
    • Once the sensitivities/allergies are identified, the ASA BALANCE™ system generates a custom digitized homeopathic remedy based off of the results found during the Assessment.
  1. Step Three. Bio-resonance. (Correction)
    • The ASA BALANCE™  reprograms the immune system communicating the new program through the bio-feedback cuff, the hand electrode and a Class IIIB multi-color therapeutic laser to broadcast the custom balancing remedy.