What Can I Expect?


Quick Overview Of The ASA™ Balance – Body Balance System

  1. Affordability – You are Probably Already Spending More in One Year on Allergy and Anti-Inflammatory Remedies that Only Offer Temporary Relief.
  2. Effectiveness – Very High Success Rate (as evidenced by the large number of new patient referrals doctors receive)
  3. Efficiency – Therapies Last Only 10-15 minutes
  4. Painlessness – Non-invasive, No Shots, No Scratch Tests, No Pain at All!
  5. Safety – Helps People of All Ages – Including Small Children
  6. Permanence – Most Patients Experience Allergy Relief That Lasts!
  7. Versatility – ASA™ System addresses much more than just allergies

Are there any side effects?
No long-term side effects have been reported. Possible short-term side effects include: Slight flushing of the face or congestion for a short time after the therapy. Clients with years of digestive problems may experience mild stomach discomfort for a day or two. This is a positive sign that the body is detoxifying.

How Many Treatments will I need?
Systemic conditions have generalized symptoms throughout the body, usually with inflammation, and are treated with a 13 Step Protocol. The ASA™ Balance comprehensive protocol scans over 100,000 different items of interest including the endocrine system (hormones), nervous systems, food, allergens, digestive disorders, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals among many others.

The complete protocol is recommended to not only address your symptoms but to address the underlying causes and restore balance to the immune system, which ultimately helps to reduce the development of future sensitivities to foods and other allergens.

Imbalance comes in layers, for example:

Primary allergies: a simple error in the body associated with one major substance such as cat, nuts or pollen. These allergies are usually balanced and cleared within one to three visits; depending on the allergy.

Secondary allergies: are symptoms of a bigger underlying issue that stimulates inflammation in the body like infection, toxins, emotional traumas or other triggers. These allergies are generally resolved within the 13 step protocol. 

On this new journey towards achieving better health, the value of patience, education and faithfully following the protocol cannot be underestimated! Often, long standing issues which have been present in the body for years can take several months to clear, however in our experience, THEY CAN BE BALANCED!

In addition to the ASA Balance treatment your practitioner will recommend both supplements and lifestyle habits to enhance hydration, stimulate lymphatic drain, improve gut health and optimize cellular communication. Please be aware that these practices are known to significantly impact the effectiveness of the ASA Balance protocol.

Your healing will start from the inside of the body where the energy blockages being cleared, which may be less noticeable to you initially; you may only notice slight energy increases. Other times results can come quickly within the first treatment or two.

This is not a race, but a journey towards true health. Health is commonly defined in our culture as the absence of symptoms or the elimination or control of disease. Yet true health is the ability to fully participate in the life would want to live!

True health is more than just “getting by”. It means plunging into life, fully engaging body and soul in all that we do – in work, family and social life, creative expression and inner peace.

The ASA BALANCE™can help identify, and correct blockages inhibiting you from reaching your optimal state of health,.