J. Anne Wellness & Massage Studio, with offices in Bigfork, is a multi-faceted wellness practice. Offering Relaxing Therapeutic Massage, Biofeedback Therapy, doTERRA Essential Oil Consulting as well as Health Coaching & Nutritional Education. 

My name is Julie Tiehen and I’ve been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. I discovered my interest in body work as a young adult and, after dealing with serious challenges to my health in my 20’s, my passion for offering holistic remedies and encouraging dedication to self-care has grown into a thirst for knowledge in many forms of natural medicine. This passion led me to launch my own practice in the fall of 2015.

In addition to massage therapy, in January 2018 I was thrilled by the addition of the newest therapy offered at Body Sound Therapeutics; 
ASA Balance – Body Balancing System – a cutting edge bio-energetic/biofeedback technology which addresses sensitivities and imbalances through a quick and painless process of ASSESSMENT, BALANCE  & CORRECTION.
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I am also a DoTerra Wellness Advocate and often offer topical essential oil application during sessions, especially in the AromaTouch Technique. I am available for consulting with those interested in how they might utilize further benefits from high quality essential oils. SHOP @ http://my.doterra.com/julie.t

Let’s celebrate together our journey toward better health one great session at a time.